Terms & Conditions

1.1 Provision of Information.


The Client shall make accessible to the Provider any information that is sensibly required for the Provider to successfully satisfy and carry out the Services. Such data incorporates, however, is not restricted to access to your social media accounts.


1.2 Failure by the Client of Delivery of Information.


The Client shall convey all data important for the Provider to carry out the Services. In a far-fetched occasion that the Client cannot convey the data to the Provider, at that point, the Client shall not hold the Provider at risk for the failure of execution of Services.





2.1 Invoice and Payment.


An invoice will be issued at the end of the month with your plan total (excluding marketing budget) and you will have 28 days from then to process the payment. We kindly request all customers to set up a standing order to ensure payment is made on time if you have a regular plan with us.



3.1 Calculation of Service Fees.


The Service fees shall be paid monthly and will be due one month after accepting the Provider's invoice receipt, unless otherwise provided herein.


3.2 Billing; Payments; Late Fees.


In the event that the Client is unable to make the agreed payments, the services shall be suspended until the point that all past due charges are paid, and the Client shall be in default of this Contract. If the client fails to pay the invoice within the 28-day period, a late payment fee 1.5% of the invoiced amount per month after the final payment due date will be applied.


3.3 Taxes.


The Client and the Provider shall respectively bear and pay all of its own taxes and assessments emerging under relevant laws regarding the execution of this Contract.




The underlying term of this Contract is month to month, starting on the Effective Date.




5.1 Termination.


Both the Client or the Provider may forego automatic renewal by giving the other party at the very least 28 days written notice of termination before the lapse of the then-current term.


5.2 Payment upon Expiration or Earlier Termination.


Upon the lapse or end of this Contract, the Client shall fully pay any outstanding funds for all the services that are actually conveyed.




The Provider thusly speaks to and warrants that it has (a) qualified staff, proper offices and satisfactory assets with a specific end goal to release the Services in an auspicious and productive way, and (b) the essential experience required to carry out the Services in a skilled and expert way. But as generally expressed, the services under this Contract is given on an "AS IS" basis, without guarantee of any sort, either express or suggested, including without constraint to any guarantees of merchantability or wellness for a specific reason. The Provider neither guarantees nor expects any obligation to any individual or entity for the correct execution of the Services. The Provider does not represent or warrant that the Services is finished or free from blunder and does not expect, and explicitly renounces, any obligation to any individual or entity for any and all misfortune or harm caused by mistakes or oversights in the Services, regardless of whether such blunders or exclusions result from carelessness, mischance, or other reason.





The Provider shall have no obligation under or in any capacity identified with this Contract for any misfortune, loss of benefit or income or for any noteworthy, circuitous, accidental, uncommon or exemplary damages, regardless of whether the Provider knows about the likelihood of such misfortune or harms.





Neither the Provider nor the Client shall be at risk for any postponement or disappointment in its execution of any of the demonstrations required by this Contract when such deferral or disappointment emerges for reasons past the sensible control of such party. The ideal opportunity for execution of any demonstration deferred by such causes shall be put off for a period equivalent to the postponement; provided, in any case, that the party so influenced shall give a prompt written notice to the other party of such deferral. The party so influenced, be that as it may, shall utilise its earnest attempts to maintain a strategic distance from or evacuate such reasons for non-execution and to finish execution of the demonstration postponed, at whatever point such causes are expelled.

If you have any questions about the terms and conditions stated, please contact info@high-fivemarketing.com