Examples of 
our work

Here are some examples of our work and the types of work we can offer. Please feel free to get in touch if you're interested and would like to find out more about how we could help you.


Social Media Content

We can design beautiful custom content specific to your industry... 


Instagram Account 'Glow ups'

We'll give your Instagram a much needed makeover. With a new bio, new story highlights and better content that engages and converts!

New story highlights, new bio, new content, new growth

Instagram from fresh 3 months in

New instagram account after 30 days

Social Media Advertising

With such a low cost per click (CPC) your adverts will be worth the money and much cheaper alternative to Google Ads.

Website & Ecommerce 'Glow Ups'

We will give your existing website or ecommerce store a makeover with a fresh new look!

New fresh layout, interactive images and forms

Clean and neutral palette for clean and natural food.

Website & Ecommerce Design

Laura's Beauty Corner

Laura wanted a clean, fresh feel to her website whilst remaining within her budget. She wanted a site that was easy to navigate for her clients but that also showed off her recently renovated beauty salon. Using golds, whites and blacks, clean blocking and an online booking form, we created a beautiful website that her, and her clients love 

Susan Goode Designs

Susan wanted a new Shopify website to showcase her  hand-made products but that also connected to her Instagram shop which could be updated automatically. Not only did we created a beautiful website within her budget, but we also installed API so that whenever Sue uploads a new product to her website, it automatically uploads to her Instagram shop.

Bates & Co

Bates & Co wanted a clean and refreshed real estate site where uploading new listings was easy and simple, and that it didn't matter what size photographs they had to upload. We created a clean look and feel to their site with easy to upload listings and online contact form so customers can get in touch easily.

London African Drumming

The client wanted a bright, fun website with lots of images and videos to reflect the services they offer. This was a cross between a traditional services website and portfolio. The client wanted a compact 1 page design website showcasing what they offer and we were able to do this quickly within clients' budget and tight time frame.

Sociofy UK

Sociofy UK wanted a website that stood out and looked different to other digital marketing sites. They wanted a fresh and innovative feel to the website whilst being easy to navigate and that creatively showcased their services and unique selling points.

High-Five Marketing

We wanted a fun, bright website that's easy to use whilst being in theme with our branding and aesthetic. We knew we needed a chat box, online form and package boxes to easily showcase what we do and how we can help your business, whilst being fun and inviting.

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